Put and take-fishing in lake Kassasjön

Address: Kassasjön, Vallerstad, 331 95 Värnamo Show map

Address: Kassasjön, Vallerstad, 331 95 Värnamo

Leave the city for a relaxing day at this small but scenic lake just a few kilometers outside of Värnamo. Take a hike on the trail around the lake (takes about 30 minuters) or get a fishing permit and try your luck in this put-and-take lake - you are virtually guaranteed to catch something!

Here you can catch rainbow trout and salmon trout. Recommended flies: Mickey Finn, Streaking Caddis, Montana, Monstret, Black Martinez, Europea 12, Svartmyran, Kassen Sländan, V.S., Golden Rabbit, Kläckaren, Harörenymfen.

There is a vending machine by the parking lot where you buy your fishing permit.

Fishing allowed:
12/5-31/10 every day between 5 am and 12 am.
25/12-15/3 weekends and public holidays between 5 am and 12 am.

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About this activity

  • Street address 1
    Kassasjön, Vallerstad
  • City (address)
    331 95 Värnamo
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    Suitable for children

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