High Chaparral - The wildest theme park one earth

Address: High Chaparral, 335 96 Kulltorp Show map

Address: High Chaparral, 335 96 Kulltorp

Be part of the adventure
Welcome to the Wild West, complete with real live buffalo, bank robberies, puffing choo-choo trains, red Indians, gold panning and a whole town to run amok in without a car in sight. But watch out for them buckin’ cowboys! And the blundering Dalton Brothers, who somehow nearly always manage to get caught by our younger visitors. When the going gets tough, High Chaparral’s homegrown heroes, Lucky Luke and Zorro, are always there to lend a helping hand. You’re swept along on an action-packed adventure full of shows, amusing antics, pony riding and other great activities. It makes no difference if you’re a big kid or a little kid. Bring Grandma and Grandpa along, our Wild West is for everybody.

All shows are included in the price of admission
High Chaparral is known for its many shows with breathtaking stunts, brilliantly colored dances, comedy, song and music. Our actors and stunt performers ensure unforgettable experiences for children and adults alike. All of it in settings you can’t find anywhere else.

Accommodation with the Wild West just around the corner
At High Chaparral there is a variety of accommodations. Choose between camping, cabins and motel living.

Dogs are allowed inside the park as long as they are on leash.


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    +46 37082700
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    High Chaparral
  • City (address)
    335 96 Kulltorp
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