Cycle routes in the Värnamo region, 47-68 km

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Ornate carpentry, stonewalled farmsteads and bathing lakes – the Värnamo area gives you the best of Småland. For a close to nature experience, rent a bicycle. Here you can get some good suggestions for tours and the tourist office can help you with cycle maps.

Hindsen Runt, 47 km
A mostly easy ride, but with a few hilly areas near Fryele and in the woods east of Lake Hindsen. From Värnamo north, you follow the winding Lagan River up to the mighty Fryeleforsen rapids. At the beautifully situated Fryele Village is a difficult hill, but once you reach the golf course, you have a glorious view of Lake Hindsen. Eat on the balcony of the golf course restaurant for a front-row seat. The route continues on a lovely, winding
road along the eastern shore of Lake Hindsen. At Södrabo, the road climbs again, straight into the deep woods. With luck, you’ll meet a chugging steam-engine train on the little museum railway. The ride between Bor and Värnamo is easy, but 200 metres are in traffic on road 27.

8 byar och 8 sjöar, 58 km
An easy ride in glorious Småland. You’ll pass picturesque villages, pastures, deep forests and open country. At Lake Kassasjön you can take a break and try your hand at fishing. Old Åminne features the ruins of the old ironworks, plus a beautiful nature reserve. In the south, an elegant candlestick welcomes you to Dannäs Village, where there is a popular waffle café and B&B. Don’t miss the old church in Torskinge. Have lunch in Forsheda and continue to Herrestad village. Between them lies the Fänestad farming village in a pastoral setting. On the way back to Värnamo, you pass Stone-Age burial mounds near the village of Nästa.

Store Mosse National Park, 59 km
An easy ride, with only one difficult hill up to Björnakullen, and an incredible view of the southern park – a natural bog. The route follows road 151 for a few kilometers – watch out for traffic! The Naturum is a great place to stop and have coffee. The route continues via Kävsjö Village and the shores of Lake Flaten towards Stråkeved, with another view of the park. Ride down to Södra Svänö and experience the bog up close. On the northern leg of the trip, you might see moose. The ride back to Värnamo passes Hörle, the Karlsfors Power Plant and then follows the Lagan River. The old E4 motorway is faster, but has more traffic and less sights.

Vidöstern Runt, 68 km
A fairly easy, but long trip. A classic bike route for many Värnamoites. The ride through Drömminge and Voxtorp is varied. There is also a cycle trail which goes straight south along Lake Vidöstern. From Tånnö south, you’ll have a wide, straight, even road, mostly to yourself. Toftaholm have a good restaurant. The south end of Vidöstern has a nice bathing site. After the lovely old whitewashed Vittaryd church, you’ll find an old labyrinth
to the right of the road. Why not stop and try out the old game? Then you’ll continue up on a little winding ridge and into the woods. At Väderås, when you turn off towards Hånger, the woods open up into fields. From Sjöbo to Värnamo, you follow Lake Vidöstern again.

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Store Mosse Nationalpark, STF Hostel

Distance: 13.1 km
Store Mosse is a national park that comprises the largest untouched marshland south of Lappland. The park is 15 x 12 km in extent, and the vegetation here is similar to that of the wilderness of Norrland. The park offers more than 40 km of trails and boardwalks.
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